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frisby amplified 2 1 pc computer laptop notebook desktop speakers wired remote


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volume and power controls headphone amp mic input jacks amplified mdf wood enclosure subwoofer wired remote controller with blue led 1200 watt pmpo and 32 watt rms compatible with any type of stereo audio source pc dvd cd mp3 ipod laptop plug and play no additional accessories required magnetically shielded in order to prevent audio distortion 1 year free replacement warranty frisby fs 2200 is one of the high end version of frisby sound systems that offers 100 percent of your satisfaction the system is quite loud with clear sound quality along with an unbeatable price crank up the audio on your pc with this 2 1 speaker system and enjoy clean crisp consistent sound from your games music and more excellent performance and sound quality powered with 1200 watt pmpo subwoofer and two channel amplified satellite speakers both speakers and the subwoofer are magnetically shielded to provide the protection against image distortion on a computer monitor compatible with all pc models labtops and all mp3 players ipod discmans walkmans equipped w headphone jack the system is complete comes with all necessary cables and accessories to hook your speaker system up to your pc mp3 player discman or walkman wired remote controller deliveres convenient connection with volume control dimmer headphone amp mic input jack if you need to use your headphone or your mic you are able to hook it up to your wired remote controller and you can control the volume as well it also has blue led on it in order to give stylish looking woofer has mdf wood enclosure and it has glossy front panel surface satellites also have all glossy surface they will suit right next your screen on your desk 1 year provided by comsis computer which means we will be your direct contact for waranty exchanges we have been in business for over 10 years in the usa contents frisby 2 1 subwoofer speakers system3 5mm audio cables user manuel requirements any 3 5 mm 1 8 audio jack source all pc and laptops has 3 5 mm audio jack type others built in player others

frisby amplified 2 1 pc computer laptop notebook desktop speakers wired remote  $37.95
Wed, 25 Sep 2013

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