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fluance db powered subwoofers are specifically tuned to their enclosure and designed to reproduce both low and ultra low frequencies while still offering minimal distortion while most digital recordings contain bass information that traditional speakers cannot easily reproduce fluance powered subwoofers are designed specifically to reproduce those low bass frequencies an integral part of any home theater system our sound engineers understand the importance of deep realistic bass and have designed our products to accomplish this our high performance db subwoofer systems produce bass with large high excursion long throw drivers compact heavy duty enclosures and powerful built in amplifiers the integrated 150 watt rms power amplifier drives a front firing long throw 10 bass driver with extreme accuracy and minimal distortion for clean powerful and well defined low frequency response throughout the listening area this extended low frequency effect can be fine tuned to suit your performance preferences with variable dynamic balance crossover and volume adjustments to ensure matched response with your speakers and your environment fluance subwoofers are an excellent complement to any music or home theater system and ideal for todays digital receivers


fluance 150 watt low frequency powered subwoofer db150 Save  $249.99
Wed, 25 Sep 2013

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