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ucs1p powered subwoofer 1500w 15 inch the ucs1p was designed for use with the any of the unity passive or active loudspeaker systems u15 u15p or u215 and is the ideal active subwoofer to match their acoustic parameters but as with all yorkville subs the ucs1p can be employed with any full range enclosure especially those with high output in many cases without even the need of a crossover this 1500 watt earth mover takes full advantage of its horn loaded design to deliver fierce bottom end from a surprisingly compact single 15 inch back loaded subwoofer the high level of performance ucs1p delivers especially considering its manageable size is the direct result of outstanding driver enclosure and electronic design optimized horn flare geometry careful attention to the front and rear internal chamber dimensions as well as the use of a high performance long excursion 15 inch driver gives the ucs1 surprisingly high output volume and deep extended bass response added to that the onboard electronics include a 1500 watt amplifier full time soft limiting an active adjustable low pass filter hf rolloff and an adjustable pre eq curve shape for plug and play ease of use the ucs1p enclosure is constructed from solid 15mm 11 ply birch and features a heavy gauge perforated metal grill integrated tilt back wheels and four strategically placed bar handles to make moving and stacking the ucs1p as easy as it can possibly be for a subwoofer in this class it comes in a black carpet covering to mate with the u15 u15p and u215 or is available in a black painted ultrathane finish ucs1b for use with the ultrathane painted versions of the unity loudspeakers u15b and u215b

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