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every tv show you watch has a world of sound within but you may not be hearing it thatas because most flat panel tvs have speakers that simply canat reproduce the depth and detail of all that sound so it remains trapped inside to solve that problem bosea developed the solo tv sound system it reveals so much more of the sound youare meant to hear watching tv can feel like an entirely different experience no matter how many times youave seen your favorite shows you can hear details you never noticed before subtle sound effects the crisp clear vocal that steals the spotlight in your favorite talent show deep low notes in a musical score that enhance the mood proprietary digital signal processing delivers more of the dialogue music and sound effects youave been missing a clearly and naturally so you wonat have to turn up the volume to hear it all and bose speaker array technology produces wide even sound throughout the room for most 32 inch tvs and many up to 40 42 inch the bose solo tv sound system fits neatly under your tv and is simple to set up with just one connection to your tv and one plug to the wall it comes with a convenient remote control and works with most universal remotes too one listen and youall realize thereas more sound in your tv shows than you ever imagined

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Wed, 25 Sep 2013


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